Decibel Insight

Heatmap Background

A favorite feature of Decibel Insight is the ability to navigate through your site with heatmap overlays. This is achieved through pulling a live version of your website into the heatmap builder, and we've now made it possible to change the Heatmap background that is used, enabling you to use a historic version of the website.

Toggling background mode gives you even more flexibility to measure user behavior over time, and enables you to see in easily-digestible visual form exactly how visitors have responded to any updates in design and content.

To illustrate this in action, the screenshot above shows a Comparison of a Dot Heatmap and an Attribution Heatmap with background mode set to Session Replay. The heatmap on the left is set to a period of last week, while the heatmap on the right is set to a period of two months ago. As can be seen, it reflects how visitors saw our home page at those set times.

Live website is the option that is enabled by default on Heatmaps, however this can be changed at any time by clicking the Background dropdown option.

Heatmap Background Options

When selecting the Background dropdown, you will be presented with the options of Live Website, Session Replay and Another tab.

Viewing Session Replays of Clicks and Hovers

You can see all of the Session Replays of users who click, hover or scroll on a particular element of the page by hovering over the number by the element that you are interested in and clicking the Show Visitors button. You can find out more about session these Session Replays on the various types of Heatmaps below.

Exporting Heatmaps

You can export Heatmaps as PNG, CSV or JSON files using the Export feature, while you can also export sessions data when using Boundary Mode.